Pharmacy Lab Equipment - India Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

Electronic Rat Control System is a high technology electronic device like transmitter and emits high frequency sound called ultrasonic sound. Ultrasonic sound waves have frequency, above 20 KHz, which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear. The powerful ultrasonic sound waves hit the eardrums of rats. As the rats do not have the ability to close their ear, they have to listen to the sound waves, causing pain, fear and anxiety and enabling them to leave the place.


  •   No Smell

  •   No Trap

  •   No Poison

  •   No Chemical

  •   No Mat

  •   No Tablet

Technical Specifications:

  •   Input voltage: 230 Volts AC 50 Hz

  •   Operating frequency: Above 20 KHz sound

  •   Output: 85-115 DB

  •   Power consumption: 7 Watts

Application Area:






  Computer rooms

  Foods and pharmaceutical units


  Departmental stores







Area of Effectiveness:

  •   It is effective for indoor area

  •   One device is able to protect an open area (without partition) of 250
        300 sq. feet & 10 feet height

  •   One single unit will not impact the area that is more than 3000 cubic
        feet and have open doors and windows