Pharmacy Lab Equipment - India Sonic Bird Repellent

The bird repellent devices broadcast threatening recordings, telling birds to stay away. Reduce health and liability risks associated with pest bird infestation & prevent the spread of diseases.

Sonic bird control devices are easy to install, fully programmable, and extremely effective. Broadcast bird alarm calls and predator cries that a condition pest bird to stay away from the area – one device covers multiple acres of land!

Property managers must keep facilities safe, and free of health hazards. Pest birds and their droppings create unsanitary conditions, and cause untold billions of cleaning and repair costs, liability and accident risk, contamination and disease.


  •   Safe, humane, eco-friendly & extremely effective bird repellent

  •   High-definition digital recordings

  •   Auto mode incorporates with 5-30 minutes interval for large area

  •   TIME INTERVAL adjustment to control the sound broadcasting

  •   Built-in volume adjustment knob