Pharmacy Lab Equipment - India Catch master Fly Board

Catch Master 907 Vector Universal Glue boards by Atlantic Paste & Glue are designed to fit the PESTOP GPCL14. The Catch Master 907 Universal Glue Boards can be economical as you can also cut the fly boards into smaller pieces to be used in many of your smaller insect light traps. The glue boards have grid lines making it easy and convenient when counting the captured insects, and when cutting for smaller lights.

Each box contains 12 full size glue boards. Each glue board is Black and measures 9 x 16.5 inches. Each full size board contains a perforated line down the middle which allows them to be easily split in half for a total of 24 boards measuring 4.5 x 16.5 inches each. This will allow the Catch Master 907 Glue Boards to fit several different sizes of fly ligts.

All Catch Master Fly Light Glue Boards come with the best UV resistant adhesive on the market today.