Pharmacy Lab Equipment - India Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are designed for large birds such as pigeons, crows, and gulls and are ideal for preventing birds from landing on window sills, rooflines, ledges, fences, under eaves and other areas.

Each unit spike width (3”.4) and length (1”.5) each Rft slot sections are easy to carry

Made of HDP/LLDP, it is biodegradable material, which has its own quality standards, non-corrosive/rust proof and shall remain intact without causing any damage to it for so many years

Very economical, safe & maintenance free, there will be no adverse effect of weather conditions on it

If required, the Polycarbonate Bird Spike strips can be cut to length to provide an exact fit

It is readily fixable to ledges, cornice , rafters or sills with adhesives, nails or screws